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  • Is this real stone?
    Creative Wall Panels are manufactured fibreglass panels with real stone powder used on the face, giving real stone texture and appearance.
  • What are Creative Wall Panels made of?
    Creative Wall panels are made of polyester resin,fibre glass and real stone powder, making them extremely lightweight and durable. The panels from Creative Walls are Fire rated to M3 category (Euroclass Standards). This means the panels are fire-safe.
  • What is the standard size of Creative Wall panels?
    The standard size of Creative Wall panel is approximately 3.70 m2 (39.8 sq. ft). Length 2.85m x 1.30m height. (9.35 ft x 4.27 ft). Creative Wall panels can be cut down to any size very easily.
  • How much do Creative Wall panels weigh?
    WEIGHT: 5-6 kg/meter square
  • What is the thickness of Creative Wall panels?
    THICKNESS ranges from 1 to 5.5cm depending on the design choosen.
  • How long will Creative Wall panels last?
    Creative Wall panels are manufactured from the same materials as fibreglass boats, planes and cars. They show no breakdown after decades of exposure to elements such as snow, sun and salt water.
  • Can Creative Wall panels be affected by humidity?
    Moisture can not go through because Creative Wall panels have no pores.
  • Can Creative Wall panels be affected by graffiti?
    You should apply an anti-graffiti formula on the panels you think will be subject to graffiti.
  • Will the colour fade?
    The authentic colour of each panel is created using a combination of mineral pigments within the panel and paint. In the event of panel colour fading over an extended period of time, panels can simply be repainted.
  • Can Creative Wall panels be used on both interior and exterior applications?
    Yes. Creative Walls panels consist of materials that do not breakdown in an outdoor environment, making them suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Please NOTE the panels cannot be close to a naked flame or extreme heat.
  • What maintenance is required?
    Creative Wall panels are virtually maintenance free. Occasional dusting to remove any surface dust. To remove dirt, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Can Creative Wall panels be cut?
    Yes. Creative Wall panels are easily cut using an angle grinder with diamond tipped blade or reciprocating saw. Always use appropriate breathing apparatus.
  • How are Creative Wall panels applied to walls?
    Major benefits of the Creative Wall panels are their light weight. All that is needed to fix the panels to walls are appropriate screws.
  • What kind of surface is needed to install Creative Wall panels?
    Creative Wall panels can be applied over any structurally sound surface such as wood, drywall, cement, brick, etc.
  • How are Creative Wall panels seams covered up?
    Creative Wall panels system uses an epoxy-based putty called "mastic" to cover all seams and screws. Mastic is textured and shaped to conceal all seams, making Creative Wall panels a seamless product.
  • How do I install Creative Wall panels?
    Installation is very easy and quick. First you should measure the surface to cover. Cut the panels the size needed. Panels have to be screwed in the wall. Put the panels together, leaving a small space to create a perfect joint. Use 20-25 screws per panel. Next cover the joints with some MASTIC (mixed with Accelerator). Once the mastic is dry, paint the joints with NATURAL STONE FINISHED PAINT.
  • How should I store the panels?
    Panels should be stored in horizontal position in order to avoid deformations.
  • How does Creative Wall panels compare with real stone products?
    Creative Wall panels revolutionary production techniques allows for quick and clean installation. No mortar, scratch coat, wire lathes or prior preparation is required. Many jobs can be completed in one day. Using Creative Wall panels can often save up to 25% compared with the cost of using real stone products.
  • How do I repair damaged panels?
    Creative wall panels are very strong and durable. Should any panels sustain damage they are easily repaired using mastic and paint. This can be completed yourself or by our Creative Wall staff.
  • How can Creative wall panels be purchased?
    Panels can be purchased in two ways: 1) Panel + Installation Panels are supplied and professionally installed to the purchaser's requirements. 2) Panel + Installation Materials Panels and associated installation materials (mastic, accelerator and paint) are purchased directly - without installation.
  • What is the lead time for Creative Wall Panels?
    We strive to keep plenty of on hand inventory to meet our customer’s needs. Customers are encourage to call us to check stock before placing an order.
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